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We Are Certified Electricians

A Name You Can Trust

Zellner Electric’s certified electricians do every job with your safety and the safety of your home in mind. We won’t pressure you to make repairs you don’t need. We take pride in every job and project which shows in our finished projects and satisfied customers.

When you reach out to Zellner Electric, you get an electrical contractor that is dedicated to quality, safety, integrity, and the best value. Our electricians are not only licensed and trained but also knowledgeable on the latest industry standards and local building codes for your peace of mind.

When Should You Call A Certified Electrician? - Zellner Electric | Electrician in New Braunfels
Don't risk injury or damage to your home

When Should You Call A Certified Electrician?

  • If your circuit breaker trips frequently.
  • If you have lights flickering.
  • If you have appliances that require three prongs and all of your outlets have two prongs.
  • If your plugs are warm to the touch or there is a burning smell.
  • If you do not have any ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).
  • If you are expanding your home and need an additional panel.
  • If you received a electrical inspection report and need issues reviewed or addressed.

Get more answers to your questions at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

What Clients Are Saying...

My new go-to contractor in the Hill Country. As an absentee landlord living in California, problems become huge challenges and Deryck made a molehill out of a mountain. Home warranty company sent another electrician but said problem was not covered. The electrician they sent quoted TWICE the price and I could find no information on the web about him. I did find lots of recommendations about Deryck. He returned my call immediately, went to check out the problem immediately and fixed the problem in less than one day from my original call. He was so nice and professional and I could not have been happier. Thank you, Deryck.

Linda L. - Newport Beach, CA

Protect Yourself From Power Surges

Call today and ask about a whole house surge protector.

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