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New Construction

New Construction - Zellner Electric | Electrician in New Braunfels

Building a new house? If so, Zellner Electric should be at the top of your list as to wire it for you. Our standards go beyond the standard NEC requirements when it comes to wiring homes. Your custom home is special to you, and it should also be special to your electrician. We pride ourselves in getting all lighting and outlets installed the way that works best for your individual needs. We work closely with the home owner, builder, and designer to make sure everything is where it should be.

Zellner Electric can also handle your small commercial new construction needs, which includes stores, offices, shops, and garages.

A residential electrical new construction will include electrical services for lighting, heaters, fans, hot water units, outlets, air-conditioning, and more. Basically, any fixed appliance that requires electricity, as well as any electrical outlets, will have the necessary electrical wiring installed during a new construction.

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    We needed additional outlets throughout the main floor and second story. Adding medical equipment to master bedroom we kept tripping our circuit. We thought we needed a totally new circuit breaker to split the room, a costly repair which would also require drywall repair. Zellner professionally diagnosed our electric load and determined it was a old worn out circuit breaker that needed to be replaced, which was a very cost efficient repair. Zellner consistently went the extra mile to get the job done while avoiding any additional holes that would require us to hire someone to come later for drywall repair.

    Geraldine C.
    Zellner Electric providing electrical services in New Braunfels and surrounding areas to homeowners and businesses.